sobota 8. června 2013

Multiple screenshots from video with a MPlayer

To take multiple screenshots use a screenshot video filter. Append command with -vf screenshot
> mplayer -vf screenshot movie-filename.avi
If you press 's' a screenshot is taken and it's saved in current directory as shot00001.png file.
To start a screenshot sequence press 'S' (shift+s) and for stop press it again. Multiple files are saved.

čtvrtek 30. května 2013

Vim color scheme

Change vim color simple by typing in vim:

:colorscheme ron (for dark background)
:colorscheme peachpuff (for light background)

Write this color schema as colorscheme  to /etc/vim/vimrc configuration file.

Find information on

středa 3. dubna 2013

Transfer files via browser

If you are running on Linux and your college needs to download files from you just run following command in directory with needed files:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Your colleges can see all files and subdirectories in browser on the address : and simple download them.